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Guest house Chambres D'hotes De Maury - Bed and breakfast Affieux Treignac
Corrèze - 19

Chambres D'hotes De Maury
ROGER-GILLET Odile et Georges
19260 Affieux Treignac
Corrèze (Limousin)

: 05 55 98 04 01


Chambres : 4
Capacité : 8 (personnes)

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contacter les chambres d'hotes

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chambre d'hotes Affieux Treignac - Limousin -Corrèze
chambre d'hotes Roger-Gillet - Odile et Georgeschambre d'hotes Chambres D'hotes De Maury - Maurychambre d'hotes Affieux Treignac - 19260chambre d'hotes hotesmaury@wanadoo.fr - www.hotesmaury.fr

In 6km of Treignac and 20km of Uzerche decouvrez Maury, real family house of the XIXth century in a hamlet, on a property of 200ha, for big ballads in the middle of nowhere .Entourée of a park, with view(sight) exceptional it is the ideal place for a stay in family, or each can find his space. A real haven of peace and tranquillity.

.Deux family consequences(suites), with an independent entrance(entry) for each.
Continuation(Suite) " Wisterias " 2 rooms(chambers), the one with a bed of 140, the other one with a bed of 90.
Continuation(Suite) " of the Tower " 3 rooms(chambers) from 2 to 6 persons each of 2lits of 90, reads umbrella for child
Bathroom with shower on bathtub,
.Les consequences(suites) are for the extremities of the house, for the respect and the good(property) - to be of each.
" In the beautiful days, breakfasts are served under an arbour of rosebushes and wisterias and in the daytime of freshness, in the big dining room to the former(ancient) furniture, in front of the wood stove.
Odile will indulge to make you enjoy her jams


Price(Prize,Prices,Prizes): (in Euro on night)
Each of both consequences(suites) from two to 3 rooms(chambers), (private toilets, independent entrance(entry)) can receive from 2 to 6 persons.

All year:

2 persons: 63 €
3 persons: 80 €
Continuation(Suite) of the Tower 3 rooms(chambers)
4 persons: 90 €
5 persons: 125€
6 persons: 130 E

Included breakfast produces home-made

Weekend Watercolor: 200 euro (include accommodation(hosting) and meal)


Of Paris highway of Toulouse
Taken(Brought) out Limoges Uzerche direction(management) Treignac to cross Peyrissac aprés the bridge(deck) to the left approximately 5 km, to follow Rooms in a guest house of Maury.
Of Clermond, taken(brought) out Meymac directio Limoges, then has left quite right(straight) Bugeat Treignac Affieux aprés stop of Affieux on 3km may to the right Room in a guest house of Maury


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