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Guest house Château De La Sauvatte - Bed and breakfast Tronget
Allier - 03

Château De La Sauvatte
ALTHERR / BELOT Dorothea / Pascal
La Sauvatte d'en Haut
03240 Tronget
Allier (Auvergne)

: 04-70-47-15-28 / 06-60-29-71-88


Chambres : 3
Capacité : 14 (personnes)
Label :

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contacter les chambres d'hotes

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chambre d'hotes Tronget - Auvergne -Allier
chambre d'hotes Altherr  /  Belot - Dorothea / Pascalchambre d'hotes Château De La Sauvatte - La Sauvatte d'en Hautchambre d'hotes Tronget - 03240chambre d'hotes info@sauvatte.eu - www.sauvatte.eu

The Château de la Sauvatte in the centre of France was built in 1837. It is located in the municipality of Tronget in de Departement Allier (03), which is part of the famous Auvergne region. Tronget is one of 14 villages that form the community of municipalities of Bocage Sud (Communauté de Communes Bocage Sud).
Discover the natural scenery with beautiful architecture and many possibilities for visits and excursions.
The Château is in a big and quiet park only few kilometers from the highway A71, which leads from Paris to the Mediterranean sea, and from the RN79, the most important east-west connection between the Rhone Valley and the Atlantic ocean.

Hoy to find us:
La Sauvatte d'en Haut
+46° 23' 41.07", +3° 5' 53.66"
see our site:


Price for 1 and 2 night(s):
2 persons 70 €/night,
1 person 55€/night
Price 3 night(s) and more:
2 persons 70€/night,
1 person 50 €/night


Directions from Le Montet, Allier

You should always pass through Le Montet, except if you arrive from St. Pourçain sur Sioule. You can find Le Montet on every map of France on the RN 79. The Château de la Sauvatte is approximately 4km South of Le Montet in the direction of St. Pourçain sur Sioule, close to the D1.

In Le Montet, take a turn at the first main intersection in direction of St. Pourçain sur Sioule and take the D1 (there are boards with the B&B symbol and ‚La Sauvatte’). At the post office stay on the right on the D1 and after approximately 3.5km turn left at the intersection in direction of ‚La Sauvatte’. After 300m there is the entrance to a tree-lined road which leads to the house.

If you are arriving from St.Pourçain sur Sioule, you should take the same intersection, which is approximately at 4km of Le Montet to the right in direction of Treban or ‘La Sauvatte’. After 300m there is the entrance to a tree-lined road which leads to the house.

Do not attempt to reach the house through Tronget, which is only 1km from Le Montet. There are no indicators along this road.


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