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Guest house Domaine Des Aspres - Bed and breakfast LA BASTIDE
Pyrénées Orientales - 66

Domaine Des Aspres
LASNES Alain et Delphine
Mas Can Pere Courreu
Pyrénées Orientales (Languedoc Roussillon)

: 04 68 39 42 28 - 06 77 72 70 33


Chambres : 4
Capacité : 12 (personnes)
Label : Gites de France - 3 épis

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chambre d'hotes LA BASTIDE - Languedoc Roussillon -Pyrénées Orientales
chambre d'hotes LASNES - Alain et Delphinechambre d'hotes Domaine Des Aspres - Mas Can Pere Courreuchambre d'hotes LA BASTIDE - 66110chambre d'hotes delphine.lasnes@orange.fr - www.bienvenue au domaine des aspres.fr

Situated to the foot of the Canigou, sacred mountain of the Catalans, our big House is in the middle of 35 Ha of meadows, woods, moors, and forests, on the heights of the Vallespire where the sunshine and l 'pure air is there exceptional.
The Summer came back.Why take not advantage of a stay of calmness, détente and complete rest in a region where You will find a Fauna and a Flora remained at the natural state.
We propose you 4 big rooms of hosts of trés good comfort, each with bathroom and W.C.
All are furnished and decorated on a different theme and it is at the more meadows of the nature that you will find and will appreciate quiet, détente, and serenity where
the silence is only disturbed by song of the birds or the faraway bèlement of a sheep.
The copious and varied small-lunches are made every day by the stewardess with products made house.
Table of hosts if You wish it, and Alain, who made a Hotel School, will know to find and to propose You of meals
of quality with solely of the products of the region.
If his/her/its friends fishers went back happy of their exits he/it will simmer You of luscious returns on the big barbecue on the terrace, all meadows of the
swimming pool.
We will be able to propose you all sorts of visits and exits. That it is the Museums of Céret and of Saint-Cyprien, Collioure, the City of the Painters, Villefranche-of-Conflent, City fortified by Vauban, the Priory of Serrabonne, the abbey of Saint-Martin of the Canigou, the baths of hot water of the Cerdagne, and a lot of other discoveries.
And if you summers in love with hikes, an accepted Guide will make You discover the paths and trails where fauna and flora are again at the natural state
protected by the Law Natura 2000.
We will also know how to suggest You a lot of other activities
of détente and leisure.
But what we especially wish, it is that your stay
in our big Domain gives You the desire to come back.
Delphine and Alain
And soon, Summer vacation ......
In our" Domain of the Aspreses ", know that all is ready to reserve for You the best welcome
Outside, under a beautiful blue sky the odor of the rosemary and the farigoulette (the wild thyme) himself mèlent to those of the brooms and heathers that surround our big House, to the exit of the Village.
I began the first jams of this years with the strawberries, and soon with the
abricôts and the peaches whose harvests announce themselves more that promising.
Alain cleaned and prepared the barbecue, with a provision of very dry brooms and twining stems. He/it warned his/her/its friends fishers that he/it would take down, since the return of an exit in fruitful sea
to bring back one or two beautiful fish that he/it will make all smoothly, with a net of virgin oil of Millas, grill and of the herbs that he/it will have collected the morning, and
served with a juice of a lemon of our garden.
And he/it also foresaw to reserve
one or two lambs catalans, who will be delicious and gouteux in the weeks to come.
Know that all will be made to reserve for You the best welcome.
To trés soon, peut-étre
Delphine and Alain Lasnes

In the waiting of your visit
Delphine and Alain


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From Perpignan, two possibilities -
1 - on the A9, to take then in The Boulou Céret, Amélie-the-bath-Palalda, Taulis, Saint-Marsal and the Collar of the Xatard. Then, to turn on the left toward The Bastide.
2 - to leave the A9 to Perpignan-north and to go circa Prades and Andorra.
To the exit of Ille-on-Tet to take Bouleternère, the Priory of Serrabonne (without entering there) then Ball-d'Amond, the Collar of the Fourtou.
To the Collar, turn on the right toward the Collar Xatard. Stop yourselves some minutes in the Chapel of The Trinidad (XIe century) with sound
magnificent rétable. Continue toward the Collar Xatard and turn on the right toward The Bastide. During a big part of the D618, You will border the river The Boulès.
The walk is agnifique!! Good road.


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