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Guest house Le Rideau Miné - Bed and breakfast Thorigné d'Anjou
Maine et Loire - 49

Le Rideau Miné
FABRY Dany et Christian
49220 Thorigné d'Anjou
Maine et Loire (Anjou - Maine)

: 02 41 76 88 40


Chambres : 3
Capacité : 7 (personnes)
Label : 3 épis Gites de France

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contacter les chambres d'hotes

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chambre d'hotes Thorigné d'Anjou - Anjou - Maine -Maine et Loire
chambre d'hotes Fabry - Dany et Christianchambre d'hotes Le Rideau  Miné - LE RIDEAU MINÉchambre d'hotes Thorigné d'Anjou - 49220chambre d'hotes rideau49@yahoo.fr - www.lerideaumine.com

Come and stay in Maine et Loire, (Pays de la Loire, France), at Thorigné d’Anjou, nearby Le Lion d’Angers, by the end of the Loire Valley and its Castles, in Le Rideau Miné Guests Rooms, located by River Mayenne. River Fishing, nature and countryside fresh air in the middle of fields, fine Home Grown fruits and vegetables, state-of-the-art Cooked, served at the Guests Table, Gastronomy, leasure and restfull stay in the park, near a Pike and By the Water. For enriching your experience with us, we also feature some Special Week-Ends packages for you, like Iron Workshops and Calligraphy Workshops and Enluminure Workshops !


- 1 person Room "Rivière" ou "Prairie": 60 euros (incl. VAT)
- 2 persons Room "Rivière" ou "Prairie": 70 euros (incl. VAT)
- Additional personne : 20 euros (incl. VAT)
- 1 personne Room "Chez Camille": 51 euros TTC
- 2 personnes Room "Chez Camille": 60 euros TTC
(Breakfast included)

Table (traditional meals on booking)

If you wish, you can take your diner at home, and taste our traditional meals, made with local grown products, the dinner being served in various places depending on the season).
- Per person : 27 euros (incl. VAT)
(Home made apertive offered and wines included)


Our details :

Dany et Christian Fabry
49220 Thorigné d’Anjou
Tél : +33 (0)2 41 76 88 40
GPS : 47° 38’25. 08’’ N 0°, 41’15. 32 ‘’ O

From Paris :

(about 3h15 by car taking the motorway with a 25 EUR fee)
- From périphérique South (ring road, south of Paris), take the A6b/E15/E50 (motorway) on 9.6km towards BORDEAU/NANTES/PALAISEAU/RUNGIS
- Reach the A10/E05/E50 (motorway) [32.9km] heading towards BORDEAUX / CHARTRES / NANTES / ORLEANS / ORSAY
- Stay on the A10/E05/E50 (motorway) for 7.1km more and get on the A11 (motorway) for another 215.6km heading to LE MANS / SAUMUR / RENNES / ANGERS / NANTES
- Leave the motorway at exit n°11 (pay the fee, under 20 EUR) and take towards Chateauneuf / Le Lion d’Angers via Champigné. In Champigné, head towards Angers / Le Lion d’Angers, and when exiting Champigné take on the right in direction of thorigné d’Anjou on road D770.
- Cross Thorigné remaining on D770, and before reaching the bridge over river Mayenne (about 500 meters before the bridge), take on your right on D287 (direction Chenillé-Changé / Chambelley). The Rideau Miné is then on your left in the first turn to the right (indicated by a circular yellow and green Gites de France sign on the edge of an apple field).

From Angers :

(about 20 minutes)
- Take the A11 (motorway) towards for 4.9 km towards / NANTES / RENNES / LAVAL Take A11 towards NANTES / LAVAL / RENNES After going through the tunnel, leave at exit towards LAVAL / RENNES (D775) until reaching LE LION D’ANGERS Exit D775 in order to enter LE LION D’ANGERS Cross LE LION D’ANGERS, cross the bridge over River Oudon (you are then on road N162), and 250 meters later, take on your right on road D770 towards Thorigné d’Anjou, Durtal Cross the bridge over river Mayenne, and about 400 m later, take on your left on D287 for 400 m, le Rideau Miné is then on your left in the first turn to the right.

Map :

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Interactive map (Mappy) :

GIF - 6.9 kb
Plan interactif Mappy / Interactive map by Mappy

Click on the map to see a map on the website mappy.fr, you will be able to zoom in and out (click on the frame "Plan" on the top right) and also plan your trip itinerary to make your journey to Le Rideau Miné by clicking on the bottom right frame "Pratique").

Tip : The map shows where Thorigné d’Anjou is, and not where Le Rideau Miné is situated. But if you zoom out twice, you will see on the left of the map the river arm that edges our property.

Interactive map (Google) :

Agrandir le plan
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